Services and Rates

As an animal massage practitioner...

I use Swedish massage-based techniques for animals in overall good health. Specialized techniques for manual lymphatic drainage, improved circulation, and management of inflammatory conditions and scar tissue are applied in cases requiring rehabilitation or for those with chronic health concerns. All animals - young, old, service, athlete - can benefit from massage in many different ways. Often geriatric, hospice and special needs animals benefit simply from the comfort and immune support that massage provides. 

Massage is not recommended for animals with certain health issues, including congestive heart conditions and skin infections. It is also not designed to treat, diagnose, or prognose an injury or illness, nor is it in my scope of work to attempt to do so. However, I welcome veterinary referrals and am happy to work with your doctor on an overall care program to help your animal live his or her best life.

If your animal has never had a massage, and depending on his or her specific needs, you may not see significant change for 2 - 3 sessions so I offer both individual and packaged pricing. Different animals tolerate different types and lengths of massage; typically cats run 15 - 20 minutes, dogs 30 - 40 minutes, and horses from 45 - 90 minutes. 

Cats and dogs under 20 lbs

$25 per session, or $65 for a package of 3

Dogs over 20 lbs

$35 per session, or $95 for a package of 3


$45 per session, or $125 for a package of 3

I accept cash and checks, and all massages are done in your home or at your barn or boarding facility. Payment at time of service is appreciated.




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